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Aunty Wendy's Mob songs and interactive performance celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures


Based on the Aunty Wendy's Mob songs, the performance is developed for Preschool and early Primary school aged children. The children perform with Wendy and participate in song, dance, language and drama experiences that present contemporary, urban and remote images and ideas about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The performance is based on the songs on ‘Growin’ Up Strong’ and ‘happy to be me’. Aunty Wendy’s Mob songs express the joy and pride that lives strong in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children with lyrics that reflect life experiences that all children can relate to.
The audience is invited to go on an imaginary journey to urban, bush and desert communities... celebrating culture and family through song, dance, language and
dramatic play.
Honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, the interactive performance celebrates culture and educates all children and educators, encouraging them to appreciate Aboriginal and TSI cultures at a very young age.

~ starting from song ~
Wendy models how to share her songs in the learning environment through song, dance, language and dramatic play. Cultural messages in the lyrics are unpacked, extension ideas are shared and educators are given the resources and confidence to incorporate cultural perspectives everyday.
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