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Aunty Wendy's Mob

Wendy Notley - Creator, Educator, Perfomer

Wendy has been teaching young children all her life. In 1990 she began working at Murawina Aboriginal Child Care Centre in Eveleigh St, Redfern NSW (aka The Block) as a non-Aboriginal educator and thirty years on, her relationship with Community continues.

Wendy wrote some songs to sing with the Koori kids in her class that included general aspects of culture…and the children loved them! Wendy never intended to record the songs but Murawina and Community loved them too and Wendy was asked to record them because ‘they’re too deadly not to share’.

Wendy engaged in 2 years of consultation with Elders, Aboriginal Education Groups, Councils and Communities around Australia who reviewed the cultural content in the lyrics and gave advise and their written blessing to be included.

‘Growin’ Up Strong’ was launched on The Block at Murawina in the late 90’s. Uncle Gerry Bostock named the band, 'Aunty Wendy's Mob' as that’s how Wendy is known at Murawina and Wendy’s been sharing her songs through performance in early childhood and school settings, ever since.

Aunty is a general term used in Aboriginal community as a sign of acceptance and respect. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have been acknowledging Wendy as ‘Aunty’ since the early 1990’s and is how Wendy is known in many communities around NSW.NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Sector Advisory Group