1. How long is the Performance?

2-3 year olds – 30 mins

3-5 year olds – 50-60 mins

Kindy-Yr 2 - 60 mins


2. How many children can attend?

2-3 year olds – 20 children

3-5 year olds – 40-50 children

Kindy-Yr 2 - 80 children


3. Do you offer Training Workshops for teachers?


It's dynamic, inspirational, practical and fun!

30 Educators per Workshop


'PROPER WAY’: Wendy shares the cultural protocol that is expected by Aboriginal and TSI Communities when sharing cultural information on behalf of the wider Aboriginal Community ...doing things, 'proper way'. AUNTY WENDY'S MOB IS SUPPORTED BY: Murawina Aboriginal Early Childhood Centre; NSW Aboriginal Education  Consultative Group; NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Sector Advisory Group; Aboriginal Programs Unit & Indigenous Unit, Board of Studies (NSW Dept Ed); Elders and Land Councils around Australia.  

SHARING THE SONGS: Indigenous / 1,2,3,4,5 / Red, Black & Yellow / Wiradjuri & Bundjalung / Many Mobs / We’re Koori Kids / There Was A Man / Stand Up / Kids on Our Block / Growin’ Up Strong / The Wheels on the Holden / Melaleuca / Special Land / Kangaroo Rock / Kami’s Country / Noongar in the Bush / Tucker / Until the Fire Is Out / Round the Campfire Tonight / The Hairy One / Happy To Be Me / Ridge-i-Didge ...

EMPATHY & UNDERSTANDING: This Workshop breathes, it’s completely interactive …no power point presentation in sight! Educators join Wendy around the 'desert' fabric in song, dance, language and dramatic play as she models how to share 20 of her songs in the learning environment. By ’doing’, educators ‘hold’ the songs in their body memory (like children do), feeling empathy with the cultural messages embedded in the lyrics. The lyrics are unpacked, discussed and ideas are shared, inspiring educators and giving them the confidence to share the songs in the learning environment and embed Aboriginal and TSI  perspectives as part of the everyday program. 


4. Do the Teacher Resource Books come with the CD’s?  No. The CD’s and Resource Books are purchased separately. The ‘happy to be me’ picture books are purchased as a set (8 titles).


5. Do you perform at birthday parties? No. The performance requires children to focus and fully engage with the educational experience without the distraction of birthday fun.